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 For many people, losing weight is like a far-fetched dream that only happens in movies. However, there are many weight loss programs that promise to make people lose fat in very little time. This is a type of weight loss program that people often fail with. In fact, users are bound to think all weight loss programs are the same. Fortunately, a weight loss program like the Fat Loss Factor is one program that has met with success ever since its creation and has helped many people to lose weight naturally. Find our honest fat Loss Factor Review below.

Fat Loss Factor’s author

Coming from an experienced nutritionist and a certified practitioner like Dr. Michael Allen, there is every reason to believe all the testimonials from satisfied customers. Dr. Allen’s weight loss program works by helping to change people’s attitude towards their health.

According to the author of this program, the best way to start any weight loss program is to rid the body of any toxins. That is why the first step in this program is a two weeks detoxification process followed by ten weeks of lifestyle diet change. The aim is to use factors like stress management and correct dieting to lose weight. Interested persons are given the chance to start the program at different difficulty levels including beginner, intermediate, rapid weight loss and extreme weight loss.


This is the step in the Fat Loss Factor that most entry level users will find challenging. It is still an important step and should not be skipped. It involves changing one’s diet to include only organic food like nuts, beans and other whole food. During this time, participants who follow the instructions carefully will be able to strength their immune systems, eliminate toxins from their bodies and even improve on sleep patterns. It is also possible for food cravings to disappear during this time.

It is not advisable to do difficult exercises at this time. Where necessary, only go for short periods of walk. For those who are on the rapid or extreme weight loss program, they are advised to go on a master cleanse. The master cleanse is based on a lemonade drink made from lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It is very important to avoid dairy products at this time.

Lifestyle Diet Change

In order to lose weight naturally, participants are expected to eat healthy making the most of lean meat and healthy vegetables. They are also expected to get involved in strength training at least three times a week while making efforts to keep stress at a minimum. During this stage, it is very important to hydrate the body with a lot of water. Also instead of eating very large portions, it becomes better to eat several smaller portions a day.  It is also advisable to eat raw food at every meal.

The Importance of Exercise in the Fat Loss Factor Program

The Fat Loss Factor emphasizes on the need for proper exercise as it can help to improve the body’s metabolic rate.  Apart from stimulating the metabolism, exercise will tone the body and build muscles. In this program, there are exercises for all kinds of participants to use. Most of the exercises are performed using machines and the program pack comes with videos to demonstrate the different exercises. Most of the exercises will need at most an hour to be effective. However, for those who are too busy to have one hour to spare, there are other workouts that last for fifteen minutes but that will still do the job. After completing the required twelve weeks program, cardio exercises may be introduced.  Other forms of exercises that are recommended include yoga and tai chi.

Pros of Fat Loss Factor

  • Program participants are encouraged to consume organic food.
  • The program can be customized to fit different levels of people.
  • There are up to four diet plans for participants to choose.
  • Weight loss is encourage from keeping a diary of daily happenings
  • A lot of advice on managing weight and also stress levels

Cons of Fat Loss Factor

  • Most people may find eating organic food expensive.
  • There is no meal plan included in the program.
  • Those involved in advanced programs may have to fast for three days.
  • Exercises can’t be readily performed at home in the absence of relevant gym equipment

This fat loss Factor program has seen great success since its creation and has undergone developments that have made it better. Often times, when people express disappointment, it is mainly due to their lack of patience in following the program to the letter. Hoping that you find our impartial Fat loss Factor Review helpful,  click here to visit The Fat Loss Factor official website



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